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Data protection

The brabbl eG, Wiener Straße 18, 10999 Berlin, is the operator of this website and all provided services and they are responsible for the collection, processing, and use of personalized data according to the Federal Data Protection act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). They care about your privacy rights, so they developed a privacy notice for regulating the collection, use, disclosure, passing and storage of your data. Please take your time to get familiarised with these terms of protection of your privacy rights and let us know if you have any questions. (For this privacy note hereinafter „we“, „us“, „provider“).

  1. Our attitude towards data protection

    We take the protection of personal data very seriously and are committed to respecting the privacy of all persons using our site. We assure you that we handle the data of our users in accordance with the applicable current legislature for data protection especially with the Federal Data Protection act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG).

  2. What are personal and personalised data?

    Personal and personalised data according to the BDSG are details of personal or material circumstances regarding a natural person, e.g. name, address, email address, phone number, age, gender ,fields of interests.

  3. Which personal data do we use?

    We strictly collect, process and use data with your approval for the purpose of registration of your user profile and generalized and anonymized analysis of opinion trends and market research.
    We therefore collect, process, store and use with your approval:

    » your provided email address

    » name or alias

    » age

    » gender

    » place of residence

    We note that you may also use the services provided by brabbl eG without providing personal data. In this case, you just have to specify an email address. What’s more, the user can use a free mail-base address so that the email serves as alias for receiving our newsletter.

    We do not actively collect data of children under the age of 14 years. If we become aware of the fact that we have collected personal data of children under the age of 14 years, we will take the measure as soon as possible to delete those data.

  4. For what purposes do we collect and use personal data?

    We collect, process, store and use personal data with your approval for the following purposes:

    » Operation of our websites

    » To register you into a user directory and to provide you with a personal user profile

    » For personalisation and optimal adjustment of our services to your interests and preferences.

    » If wanted, to keep you informed on the status of your current discussions

    » From time to time we may use your data to send you important messages, for example about changes in our terms and conditions and policies. Since this information is important for your relation to the brabbl eG you may not unsubscribe to such messages.

    » We may also use your personal data for internal purposes, especially for accounting, data analysis and investigation to improve the products, services, and client communication of the brabbl eG.

    » We may also use your personal data provided for statistical analyses of discussions on discuss.eyp.org. Such processing will only be processed in anonymised form and will serve the provision of some of our services.

    Furthermore it is crucial for the maintenance of our services that we are not obliged to delete the user data directly after usage but that your approval allows us to store those data until they have fulfilled their purposes according to this privacy notice, if no longer duration of storage is demanded by law. We will not use your data for individualised advertisement.

  5. Do we allow third parties the access to your personal data?

    We use your data in principle only within our company. For the handling of some of our online services, we may imply also other companies in the company group and partners.

    We assure you that those companies have committed themselves to use your personal data strictly according to our privacy notice and for a declared purpose only. A further use of your data by those companies stays forbidden. For a transfer of your personal data to third parties exceeding the reasons above mentioned will require your explicit agreement.

  6. How do you declare your approval?

    You declare your approval by ticking the checkmark into the relevant box. Your approval will be recorded into a protocol file, which you might inspect at any time. You may also revoke your approval at any time. To do so, you only have to send an email to meinbrabbl@brabbl.com or mail your revocation declaration to brabbl eG, Wiener Straße 18, 10999 Berlin.

  7. Do we also collect non-personal data and if so for what purposes?

    To be able to track the quality of our product and how to improve it, we collect, process and store general non-personal, specifically statistical data on the use of our online service. We do this by conducting surveys, aggregate data and information in server protocol files on a general level and use them for statistical analyses. We also collect, process, store and transmit non-personal data like age, gender, zip code third parties to detect opinion- and discussion trends. This only takes place in strictly generalized form. That way we can structure statistics on discussion behaviors and topics by means of age, sex and regional factors and provide third parties with those non-retraceable data (e.g. on topics discussed by northern-German women between 20 and 30 years of age). We will not use those data for individualised advertisement.

    As with most websites, we also automatically collect certain data and safe them in log files. Such data include internet protocol addresses (IP-addresses), browser type, language, internet service provider (ISP), referring- and  exit pages, operating system, data-/timestamps and clickstream data.

    In case we join non-personal with personal data all of those data will be treated as personal data as long as they are joint.

    The Schwarzkopf Foundation as the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament will receive only non-personalised data in the form of statistics collected on discuss.eyp.org.

  8. What are cookies and what do we do with them?

    Cookies are small files, which can be saved on your computer, when you visit one of our websites. They make your visit easier and help us recognise you on your next visit. Cookies can also serve to create a user profile, to help us improve our websites for the purposes of our users. Our cookies don’t include personal information, but a key without meaning for outside our own application. It is important to know that cookies are no malware and cause no harm on a user's system. If you prefer not to benefit from our cookies, you can easily deactivate them in your browser via the menu item edit.

  9. What does that mean for content uploaded to our website not by us but by you or a third party?

    We note that third party online services which can access discussions held on our websites and collect data associated with newsletter subscriptions, lotteries, fan articles or product offers etc., are completely responsible for the compliance of the legal stipulations governing data privacy and obey to their ownprivacy notices. We assume no responsibility or liability for those actions.

    Information and data (including images, videos and other content) that you upload onto the website (including the data in a profile page, which you create yourself) are treated as public data and can be accessed and read publicly under the parameters you’ve provided. Please notice that we reserve certain rights under the general terms of use (GTU) regarding the data you provide on our website. We have the right to use and pass those data and material (including personal data included in those data). We recommend you to handle your personal data cautiously. Please, be careful, when providing those data. We cannot be held responsible if a third-party uses or passes data provided by you.

  10. What you should know about the facebook plugins and google+

    On our platforms, we use plugins of the social network providers facebook.com and google+. If you access one of our websites hosting such a plugin a connection with a facebook or google server will be created and your browser will display the plugin on the website, while we transmit your visits on our platform to the facebook or google server. If you are logged into facebook or google+, this information will be added to your personal facebook or google+ account. If you use the plugin functions (e.g. by clicking a “like” button, adding a comment) that information will also be added to your facebook or google+ account. This can only be prevented by logging out of your personal facebook or google+ account before using the plugin. You’ll find more information on the collection and use of the data by facebook or google and your rights and possibilities of protection of your privacy in the privacy notices of facebook and google.

  11. What we do for the security of your data?

    We use reasonable organisational, technical and administrative resources to protect the personal information under our control. Security measures and tools, such as firewalls are set up to protect the information under our control against loss, misuse and alteration. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet and no data storage systems can be classified as 100% safe. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure, you must immediately notify us of the problem by contacting us at the contact details set out below in conjunction. If you inform us by post, this increases the time that we need for a response to the problem.

  12. Your right to information

    According to current law, we will inform you in a written form about all your personal data that we store, in case we do. At any time, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing and use of your personal data for the future and according to the legal provisions, you also have the right of deletion, locking and changing of your data. You receive the information on your personal data status on the brabbl eG servers by writing to meinbrabbl@brabbl.com.

  13. How to contact us

    If you have any questions regarding our privacy statements, please send us an email to datenschutz@brabbl.com or write to the following address:

    brabbl eG

    Wiener Straße 18

    10999 Berlin

    Please, be aware that communication by email is not completely safe, therefore please avoid sending credit card information.

  14. Right for changes of our privacy statement

    We reserve the right to change our privacy statements at any time considering the current data protection regulations.