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This netiquette offers advice on how to lead a discussion on this website and to assure their quality. Please, take your time to familiarise yourself with our suggestions and respect the rules for taking part in a respectable exchange of arguments.

  1. Formulate arguments

    discuss.eyp.org is based on the idea that discussion should be argument-driven instead of mere opinions and comments. There is a special function for that sort of contribution. Posting a clear argument, you improve your chances to receive positive feedback from your discussion partners.

  2. Separate arguments

    Try to post every logical argument in a single argument unit to improve the clarity of the discussion and allow your discussion partners to concretise their evaluations for each of your arguments. Separating your arguments improves your chances of receiving positive feedback.

  3. Avoid repetitions

    Please, familiarise yourself with the content of a given discussion before adding an argument. That way you avoid repeated arguments, which tend to be ignored in the further discussion. Use the brabbl search and filters to check if your argument has already been used.

  4. Use the functions “supporting-“ and „counterargument“

    On discuss.eyp.org you can mark relations between arguments as support or counterargument. This function allows structuring larger argument groups logically. A click on an argument makes visible all connected arguments for an easy access to a whole group.

  5. Respect the relation to the discussion topic

    While posting supporting and counterarguments, please respect the relation to the current topic of your discussion. That way you assure to keep the argumentation clear and transparent. Disparate arguments tend to receive a negative feedback. If you feel the urge to add an argument that does not fit the current topic, don’t hesitate to look for a different discussion that would profit from your contribution or open up a new discussion.

  6. For a successful discussion we ask you for:

    Contributions, that enrich the discussion • additional information on a topic and new perspectives on them, • a comfortable climate of discussion in which the plurality of opinions is respected by everyone, • factual argumentation

  7. We will not tolerate

    » Insults and discrimination,

    » racism, populism, sexism, malice and agitation,

    » glorification of arms and violence,

    » calling for criminal offenses,

    » disclosure of clearly personalised data of others,

    » advertisement and automatically created contributions,

    » links to violent media,

    » menaces.

    We do not consider such contributions worth of protection according to freedom of speech and we will delete them as soon as possible. We ask the community to report any such contribution to us so we can object to them. Please make use of the „report“-button inside the argument, discussion topic or write us an email.

  8. There is no right of publication to an argument

  9. Furthermore we ask you:

    » not to post uncommented links,

    » to mark citations as such,

    » to stay on topic and keep your points focused,

    » to share factual information (links, videos, pdfs).