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Is it relevant to discuss energy mix at European scale ?

Valperrin 2 years,1 month ago

The electricity market may know of no borders, but the postition of each EU country toward nuclear energy are so varied that it will be hard to reach an agreement at the European Union level...


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The EU has to ban nuclear energy.
The EU has to ban nuclear energy, concerning to the risks.
But it will be very hard to get an agreement on the European union level, since it contains a lot of costs to stop using nuclear energy
anonymous 2 years,1 month ago
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It always is hard to have a common policy (on of the EUs main problems nowadays), but definitely important!
- If there should be an european single market for electricity there needs to be a common policy and therefore a common ground to start from
22. Oct 2015 01:14 Uhr
Increasing a RES based energy mix is an option
Although opinions differ between EU Member States when discussing the benefits and disadvantages of nuclear power production, consensus might be reached when pointing out the enormous risks of nuclear power plants' accidents and the still unresolved questions of where the nuclear waste can be stored afterwards. Hence, increasing the share of RES in the EU's energy mix almost automatically leads to a reduction of the number of running nuclear power plants.
EllaGlenz 2 years,1 month ago
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